The Rehearsal Process

Inquire : Create : Perform

Developing the relationships that promote creativity and innovation. Applying those relationships to create performances to meet challenges.

Our working relationships are the platform on which we create...



But are we clear about the nature of the relationship we need to create with others in order to meet the challenges we face?  Do we know the actions that will bring forward a supportive and creative relationship that can foster innovation?  And how much attention (and time) do we dedicate to their development? 

The work of the Rehearsal Process begins with developing the Ensemble relationship as the basis for working together.  Taken from the world of theatre, the Ensemble describes the creative relationship that sustains actors in their work.  But this way of engaging with each other can fuel any working relationship.

You build the relationship by engaging in four specific actions and then incorporating them - through practice - into the fabric of the work done by the organization. 

By changing the way we work together, we can change the work we do together.