The Rehearsal Process

Inquire : Create : Perform

Developing the relationships that promote creativity and innovation. Applying those relationships to create performances to meet challenges.

Animating Ideas

It is always a challenge to explain yourself to other people (or at least I find it is).  I can feel so clear about the ideas, their connections and relevance  and then as I try to bridge the distance between myself and another person everything seems to fall apart.  The time and effort needed for clear articulation also seems to grow in direct relation to the complexity of what is being explored. 

In this blog I wanted to share the most recent attempt to bring ideas to life in an engaging way that seeks to communicate complexity in a simple manner – always the paradox.  It is a project I have been pursuing with two of my most inspiring co – creators: Julie Huffaker and Karen Dawson.  Both of these women are amazing creators and do inspiring work (take a look at their websites and enjoy).  We have been incubating an idea through our work together at the Banff Centre that asks “What if thought about change as creating?”.  Together with a brilliant visual storyteller – Sarah Moyle – we have taken all the thinking and exploring we have been doing together and created an eight minute animated video.  This piece captures the essential ideas that have been bubbling underneath (and propelling) our individual practices over the last three years.  Today – July 28, 2014 – is our opening night and so we are each sharing this out through our various blogs, twitter feeds and other social media.  We offer it out to you for your reflection and comments.  If you have something to say, please get in touch.  Or if find it interesting, share it forward. We hope you enjoy.

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