The Rehearsal Process

Inquire : Create : Perform

Developing the relationships that promote creativity and innovation. Applying those relationships to create performances to meet challenges.


Here are some options for pursuing a Rehearsal Process within your organization... 

The first step would be to explore and experience what it feels like to be in an Ensemble relationship.  Through a half-day experiential workshop, I can share the four practices and let you feel what it would be like for your team or organization to work together in this way.

Next would be to build on that work through another half-day of group work focused on creating specific practices for your organization that are tailored to your organizational culture.  Along with this is a six-week program to designed support people in embodying these new practices within the organization. 

All of this work could then be the basis of a long-term creation project that would address a core challenge facing the organization.  This would be a consultant led process, designed specifically to your organizations particular situation but following the Rehearsal Process Model of Creation.