The Rehearsal Process

Inquire : Create : Perform

Developing the relationships that promote creativity and innovation. Applying those relationships to create performances to meet challenges.

It is no longer enough to be better at what we already do...


Instead, we must have the ability to create innovative responses to emerging challenges.  We need to engage with a dynamic world, a world that will not return to a steady state after the challenge.

We don’t live in a world of change but rather one that is asking us to constantly create.

The Rehearsal process is a consulting service that addresses this new reality by shifting the focus from Leadership to Creatorship, and by extending the responsibility for Creatorship of the organization to everyone.

The Rehearsal Process is a rigorous approach which:

  • Develops the capacity for creation in people: both on an individual and group level.
  • Applies this capacity to address the most pressing challenges in order to create innovative responses.